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Andrew S. Cortez, standing tall at 6’3,” is an actor with a commanding presence originating from San Antonio, Texas. His deep voice resonates with gravitas, and his intense gaze has been described by actor Brian D. Anderson (I) as so powerful it “could turn Medusa to Stone.”

Cortez’s dynamic life journey started as a firefighter and paramedic, roles which required strength, empathy, and decisive action, all qualities that have enriched his acting performances. He honed his acting skills at San Antonio College, building a robust foundation for his craft.

Upon retiring from his initial career, Cortez found his way back to the stage and screen, rekindling his love for the craft while participating in the historical drama, “Eyes of a Roman.” His role, depicting a Barbarian involved in a Roman civilian massacre, allowed him to further explore the depth of his acting prowess.

In his evolving career, Cortez has demonstrated his versatility on both the theatre stage and the film set. His work extends beyond the borders of the United States, into England and various parts of Europe including Germany, Austria, and Spain. With each performance, he brings his unique presence and deep commitment to his craft, establishing a reputation in the industry that continues to grow.

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